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Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza

When Kean Cipriano and Chynna Ortaleza got married late last year, they kept it from the public even if they proudly posted their picture together on social media and promptly “requested” the public to respect their privacy. Ganoon? Now that Chynna is rumored to be giving birth anytime this month, the couple will, for sure, keep mum about it (baby is bruited to be a girl) and at the same time tease the public by posting pictures of their baby, even as they will again “beg” the public to give them private space. Talagang ganoon?

Ask Kean why he and Chynna decided to keep their wedding low key and he will reply, “You know, it’s actually hard to have privacy in a public environment…I always say that. We just chose to be quiet about it, to keep details to ourselves. We decided to stay peaceful…be in a peaceful place, you know.”(Unsolicited advice: If a celebrity wants privacy, he or she should stay away from social media.)

Asked by Chris Cahilig, producer of Kean’s movie Echorsis: Sabunutan Between Good and Evil, (opening nationwide on Wednesday, April 13, also starring Alex Medina and John “Sweet” Lapus), how Kean knew that Chynna is “the one,” Kean said, “The whole universe will tell you. God will find ways to tell you about things that you need in your life.”

In the movie (directed by award-winner Lemuel Lorca), described by Chris as “an intelligent and out-of-the-box brand of comedy,” Kean plays a priest confronted by the devil even as he resists the temptation of the flesh (read: macho dancer).

For somebody who started as a singer (as lead vocalist of Callalily), Kean is proving to be a fine actor (he was a delight as the user-friendly lover who milks dry the gullible character played by Jennylyn Mercado inEnglish Only, Please, remember?).

“I got into acting quite unexpectedly,” he related. “Way back in 2010, a TV network was looking for a guy to do a lead role for a show and invited me to try for it. So I did and ended up doing Boy Friend, Girl Friend (BFGF) with Alex Gonzaga. Our director was Joyce Bernal. I had doubts initially. I told direk Joyce,‘Direk, wala akong alam dito. Di ko alam kung bakit ako nandito.’ She gave me a straightforward answer,‘Kung trip mo, gawin natin. Kung ayaw mo, back out ka.’ So ginawa ko yung show and I started to love it. The show lasted for four seasons.”

How was it?

“Fun, fun, super fun. It was weird in the beginning, it was totally new to me…the script, cameras, lights, production people…alam mo yon. I probably looked awkward at first pero as time went by, I got into the rhythm. So yun, I learned to love what I was doing. The show led to other opportunities, and then napunta ako sa films. I got into Babae sa Septic Tank. Again I knew nothing about doing movies and stuff like that. But Babae sa Septic Tank was the turning point for me. It was then when I decided that gusto kong gumawa ng mga pelikula o maging aktor. Among my role models are Aga Muhlach, Christopher de Leon, Ronnie Lazaro and John Lloyd Cruz. They are cool.”

If made to choose between singing and acting, what would he do?

“Neither. I love doing crazy stuff like acting and singing. It’s what I do for a living.”

Asked about his take on same-sex marriage, Kean said, “I’m cool with same-sex marriage. I’m cool with any kind of marriage because I believe in equality. I believe that every human being born in this world is meant to love and be loved. And no one can ever dictate what love is really all about. Meron akong ibangdefinition; may ibang definition ang ibang tao.”

If he were still single, would you be open to having a relationship with another man or a gay?

“It’s a matter of preference. And gay marriage is a choice, a decision, a preference. So honestly, my answer is no kasi hindi yun yung preference ko. I prefer girls.”

What makes you fit?

“Prayers, diet, running, exercise, music, art, friends, love, family, wife…and my (late) dad, my mom, my brothers…keep me fit.”

Any part of your body that needs improvement?

“Of course. My whole body.” (Laughs). “Okay, my tummy.”

What kind of diet do you follow?

“I just try to lessen the oily stuff and cut down on my rice intake. I just have a little bit of everything. Of course, you do cheat days and stuff like that, and you pig out on certain occasions. But as a whole, I go for balanced meals lang talaga.”

What do you usually have for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Snacks between meals?

“Whatever Chynna cooks for me. Cereals, yogurt, bread for breakfast. Well, for lunch, Conchos; for dinner, Conchos — everything Conchos. Actually, whatever we have in the house since I’m usually on-the-go.”

Do you do workouts?

“Well, yeah, when I have time. Like before I came here (to the presscon), I ran. I run every chance I get, and I go to the gym. I’m in the middle of doing a soap opera, Dolce Amore. We tape three times a week. And I have gigs. But whenever may oras talaga, pinapasok ko siya.”

What part of your body is your favorite?

“My hands. ‘Cause I can do a lot of things with my hands. Yeah, my hands.”

What part of your body is most vulnerable?

“Vulnerable, huh?” (Laughs) “That thing your female readers are probably thinking of.”

What part of a girl’s body do you notice first?

“Her armpits.”

What type of girls turns you off?

“Those bitches.” (Laughs). “I don’t like mean girls. I also get turned off by self-righteous people. Or girls who make up stories about other people.”

How much sleep do you get every night?

“I get irregular sleep because of taping and gigs. But I try to sleep for five to six hours.”

What’s your favorite sleepwear?

“I like wearing loose shirts, pajamas and boxers.”

Do you sleep in the nude?

“A lot of times, especially when I’m drunk.”  (Laughs). “I actually like sleeping naked. So, yeah, from time to time I do it.”

How many pillows do you sleep with?

“I need a pillow for my head and a pillow I can hug. But that was back then when I was living alone.”

Do you snore, sleepwalk or talk in your sleep?

“I snore sometimes, especially when I’m tired. Talk in my sleep? Yes, I do, like almost every night. Yeah, I say a lot of stuff. I sleep-rap. Like last week, yeah, seriously I did. Nangarap daw ako habang natutulog. I laugh in my sleep, I sing in my sleep, but not naman sleepwalk. It’s really weird.” (Laughs)

Last things that you do before you go to sleep?

“I pray. I talk to God. I pray for the people I love, I pray for my dreams, I pray for my family, I pray for everything. Yeah, I like talking to God before I go to sleep.”

First thing that you do as soon as you wake up?

“I check my phone. I check the time. It depends. When there’s work, tapos medyo napasarap ang tulog ko, deretso ako ng banyo, maliligo ako agad. Pero, as much as possible, di ba paggising mo, gusto mo naka steady ka lang muna? Tapos bibwelo ka muna.”

How do you cope with stress?

“When I’m stressed, I take a bath, or phone a friend, or talk to my wife, or get a massage and a foot spa. And yeah, I eat. Basically, to get stress out of my system, I play music.”

Favorite hideaway?

“I just go to my wife. I go to Conchos. I like to surround myself with people, good-vibes people.”

Favorite city?

“Marikina City. Because in Marikina you find the Home of Sisig goodness.”

How’s your sex life?

“Great. It’s great.”

Lights on or lights off?

“Dim lights are best.”

Three men that possess the ideal body for you?

“Brad Pitt in Fight Club the movie. Jared Leto. Leonardo DiCaprio in The Beach.”

And three women that you find sexy?

“My wife is the sexiest. Dami kasing sexy, eh. Sino pa ba? Uhm, Marian Rivera is sexy. Si Jessica Alba.Sino pa ba ang sexy? Si Solenn, whoa, si Solenn, sexy si Solenn. Jennifer Lawrence is sexy. So is Madonna.”

(A Gemini [born on June 11], Kean stands 5’6”, weighs 138 lbs., wears small-size shirt and size-8.5 shoes. Educational attainment: “I haven’t finished college, so I consider myself an undergraduate. I went to UST; I went to Entrepreneur School of Asia.”)



How did Kean know that Chynna Ortaleza, set to give birth anytime soon?
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