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10 facts you should know about Manny Pacquiao

For years we had been looking up to this hero from General Santos City. He had been making us proud and inspired since he started fighting in the year 1995. He is one of the world’s greatest boxing fighter and had been fighting until today. It has been said and reported that during Manny Pacquiao’s fights the crime rates in our country decreased and of course if you are a commuter in the suburbs you would know the difference it makes among the drivers in your area, you have to catch a ride earlier than you usually do because when Manny starts making punches, getting the driver off the screen can be an impossible task. But what do we really know of our boxing champion? Lets take a look at some facts that we should know about this guy.

10. When Manny pacquaio was in his early childhood, he dream of becoming a Roman Catholic priest since his parents specially his mother whom we refer to as “Nanay Dionisia” is a devoted catholic. However, because of poverty he was lead to a more exciting path and that is being a boxer, later he was baptized as an evangelical protestant and now believes in being born again. He now preaches in the same church and said that had been blessed by God through it.

9. We all thought that his nickname Pac-man is actually from the popular game pac-man. Although he does have the qualities of being the strong one in the game but we all know he isn’t Japanese. His nickname came from the combination of the first syllable of his name. “Pac” from pacquaio and “Man” from Manny. He had been called a lot of names such as the Mexecutioner, the People’s Champion, Pambansang Kamao, The Fighting Congressman, The Filipino Slugger and now, the fighting congressman.

8. Manny mentions that his childhood days were filled with trekking in the mountains that made him stronger and formed his muscles to perfection for boxing, he even stated that no machine would ever compare to the trekking he had done over the years. This is because he was originally from Kibawe in Bukidnon, which considered as one of the isolated provinces in the Philippines. When he was two years of age, life becomes a little harder and they moved to an even isolated area in Sarangani Province. He also said that their house was used to be a small nipa hut with only one room for them all.

7.Manny Pacquiao was born in a big family. He had six brother and sisters with only their mother to support them. With this in mind, he moved to manila when he was just 14 years old and started working anywhere and live on streets until he found his way to boxing.

6. Unlike other people who have great achievements in mind upon entering a career, what made Manny pursue his was the death of his friend Eugene Barugtag. He was just 16 years old at that time and was so devastated but instead of taking revenge or having remorse in the games, he built himself up and made a promise to himself and to a friend that he would do whatever it takes to reach the top.

5. One of the markings of a tough guy is said to be defined by his tattoos. Manny Pacquiao’s first tattoo was done by himself. He started making tattoos on himself when he was just thirteen. He was not much of an artist he says but the significance of marking your self was a sign of bravery for him. His first tattoo was a glove in his chest, although he said that this tattoo was ugly, he never had the heart to remove it.

4. He was a substitute fighter. Manny Pacquiao’s first victory was not made of various good luck from all of the Filipino or even by a red carpet parade on his way to the boxing ring. His first boxing break was on the 23rd of June when he stood up as a replacement to fight Super Bantamweight titleholder, Lehlohonolo Ledbawa. Unlike his recent fights, which he had months to prepare and train, in his first fight, he was only give two weeks notice. There was not much praise on his side as he stepped on the ring but he walked out victorious and stronger when he won on a technical knockout and got Ledbawa’s title. His first boxing break was held on the MGM grand garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. Up until now, Manny Pacquiao still regards the place as memorable because of this first fight.

3. He is the richest congressman in the Philippines. He run as a congressmen in the Sarangani District and eventually elected in the Philippine House of representatives when he was 32.

2. Aside from being a boxer, he was also a basketball player. Not just any basketball player but a professional one. He is considered the oldest rookie in the team Kia Sorento when he entered at the age of 35. He played 7 minutes in one of its games enough to be considered as one of its players.

1. One of the bravest ventures of our well loved champion is when he entered the military force. He is ranked as a lieutenant colonel in the reserve force of the Philippine army. Up to this day, he was also designated as a command sergeant major of the 15th Ready Reserve Division.

Unlike what we Filipinos believe, Manny Pacquiao is more than the face with the strongest punches. He is in fact one of the most remarkable Filipinos in our history. He did not only show bravery when it comes to boxing and making us proud but also succeeded on his life by continuing to develop himself to be of more help to his countrymen. It is true that he may not have attained much in terms of education but he is more than the muscle we see or the brains we try to put down but also has a big heart to serve God and his people.


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